Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap We at Mind The Gap like stuff. Sweet new gadgets? We find ’em. First lady on Mars? We discuss it! Cool new book, movie, graphic novel, cave painting? We review it! We love all the crazy things about life as we know it and we want you to love it all too! So check in with us for everything from fast cars to smooth jazz, if it’s cool to us we will share it with you! We will bring you podcasts from a variety of unique characters, exciting video shorts from aspiring filmmakers, and all the hot tips and cool news we can find! WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU

   Hammer House Podcast

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Is a little bit of everything. We start out nervous, stuttery, and full of dick jokes, then blossom into confident, well spoken, penis jokers. We also cover breakthroughs in science, space exploration, we talk with Neurosurgery PAs about fixing brains and to Bellator fighters about breaking brains. All that and more can be found here!

Movies on Tap

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 Who doesn’t love a drunken movie review podcast? That’s what we were thinking when we teamed up with some Hollywood filmmaker friends to review movies while we get quite drunk. So if you want to hear about the best new releases and the worst TV shows and vice versa and verse vice…a then check this show out!

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